Savage Barbarians 69 - Clan Rules

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Savage Barbarians 69 - Clan Rules

Post by Vamp1re[卐] on Fri Aug 04, 2017 5:45 pm

*About Clan Rules:-
This is the list of Savage Barbarians Official Clan Rules,every [S6] clan member from the most lower rank to the higher rank must obey these following rules,if any of our clan member broke one or the rules,that following member will receive a (1/3) Strike.
-(1/3) Strike: Warning
-(2/3)Strike: Will be demoted to a lower rank
-(3/3) Strike:Officially removed from the clan member list and black listed
Make sure you to follow and respect the following rules below.

*[S6] Clan Official Rules:-
1,69.Always respect other player in any condition.

2,69.Don't offend or insult anyone in the clan and outside.

3,69.Killing other Savage Barbarians 69 clan member is strictly forbidden.

4,69.Don't ever invite ANYONE to Savage Barbarians without notify [S6] Clan Leader(s)

5,69.Don't gone sexual on the clan chat.

6,69.Always make a clan resignation notice before leaving the clan.

7,69.Don't abuse the clan special weapon to get advantage in DM arena(s).

8,69.Avoid a warning from a Administrator or broke any LOW community rules.

9,69.Once recruited/invited to Savage Barbarians 69,always place [S6] tag on your forum username.

Note:Have any suggestion or any mistake you see above ? Feel free to forum PM me it !

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