Savage Barbarians 69 - Resignation.

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Savage Barbarians 69 - Resignation.

Post by Vamp1r3[S6] on Thu Jun 29, 2017 6:50 am

If any Member of this clan desires to resign then he/she needs to notify us by filling this format below. So remember that leaving this clan without informing us will be Banned from joining Savage Barbarians 69 again, And sometimes even Black-listed.

Clan Resignation Format:-
In-game Name:
Last Words(Optional):

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Vamp's goals:

-Kill all Lords Of War staff member
-Allow Imran to help me get kicked out from the Staff Team
-See Bone[C]rusher,CJS,gazaman online IG Done
-Get ban with stupid reason Done
-Reach 69 killing spree
-Annoy Sadat untill he cry
-Show Extreme's real face to everyone
-Get kick out from the staff team
-Ban Alvinn
-NEVER get promoted to Lead Admin Rank
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