Savage Barbarians 69 - Application Format & Requirements! [OPEN]

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Savage Barbarians 69 - Application Format & Requirements! [OPEN]

Post by [LOW]ExiT[S6] on Wed Jun 14, 2017 5:33 pm

Hello lads, glad to see you applying for the Barbarians clan. Everyone is welcome and everyone can apply to join us.
But first, you must meet some requirements and if you weren't able to meet them then you either need to wait until you do or else you will be instantly rejected. So, if you are really interested in joining this phenomenal clan, then improve yourself and make sure you meet the requirements and then feel free to apply!

Your In-Game name:
Your country:
Why do you want to join us? :
Have you read our clan rules?:
Screenshot of your in-game /stats :

Black Listed Player(BLP):

[SWAT]Killerwoman4;Reason: Left the clan without a resignation notify
.shadow.(And his other accounts);Reason:Not Given

All name written above are not allowed to Join [S6].

Applications are now OPEN!

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